EAS’s Civil Engineering team received approval on their C-1 Application for Proposition 84 Stormwater Grant Program (SWGP) for Markham Middle School located in South Los Angeles. Our Client will receive $999,689 for project implantation from the State Water Recourse Board. The Project consists of 1277 ft. of bioswales and will reduce stormwater flooding of the City sewers, improve downstream water quality and recharge the CGB, while providing sustainable improvements and educational opportunities to the community. Training materials, update Technical Manuals and Standard Plans will be made available to the public. The LID project will collect storm water runoff from an area as large as 20-acre and infiltrate it to the underlying soils and the CGB. Overall, the project will capture, treat, and infiltrate about 32.7 AFY; enough to serve 65 households annually.