This school's lunch shelter had severely deteriorated cracked and split glued laminated timber girders. The girders were split at their connections to steel columns due to restraint from deep side plates with bolted fasteners. The deteriorated girders were replaced and the connections were modified to seated bearing connections.

Occidental College

EAS provided the College the structural design for a new campus restroom facility. The project was challenging because the owner had limited campus space on which to locate the needed new facility. The most economical solution for the owner was to locate the facility on weak fill-soil. The foundation is drilled caissons that extend 20 feet deep into fill-soils. The caissons support a concrete floor and masonry structure. The masonry walls support a steel frame and translucent roof.

Fremont Grandstand

This is a challenging structural engineering project. The grandstand was built in the 1920s and was structurally upgraded in the 1960s. Even though the structure was upgraded, it was well below current seismic standards. We provided a design that reduces the weight of the structure by 30 percent by replacing existing precast concrete girders with steel. This will greatly improve the performance of the structure during future seismic events. A design for rehabilitation was conceived from the three-dimensional finite element model which incorporated seismic loads generated following dynamic procedures. The model accounts for all code-defined irregularities the structure had before the upgrade. The grandstand was officially opened for occupancy in 2006 and the construction was considered a huge success in proper planning and execution.

Greene and Greene Culbertson House

The Greene and Greene Culbertson House is an historic Pasadena landmark construction at the turn of the century. It underwent a seismic retrofit that involved investigation of deterioration and evaluation of repair requirements.

Bell HS

The shade structure was replaced due to severe dry-rot in the glued-laminated wood members. The entire skylight roof system was removed and replaced with a newer design. The project was completed within six months from engineering design to close out of construction, including plan check and approval process.

Fire Damage Repair

The client awarded Engineering Alignment Systems an evaluation and retrofit of a wood frame building with brick veneer that was extensively damaged in a fire. In addition to fire, a large amount of damage occurred from the water. The seismic retrofit upgrade includes wood shear walls, roof and second floor diaphragms, structural steel moment frames and foundation strengthening.

Grandstand Rehabilitation

This project was special in that the schedule was accelerated and the construction was completed in less than six weeks. The bleacher was occupied for the first football game of the season. This project required close teamwork and coordination between the district, Engineering Alignment Systems Incorporated, inspection and the contractor. For the upcoming football season, we are completing the ADA accessibility upgrades.

Dorsey - Fire Damage

Culinary Arts building is a fire damage repair project. Project repairs included upgrading fire damaged shear walls, roof members, roof diaphragm repair, steel beam strengthening and new kitchen hood and air intake units. In addition to the fire damage repair, new HVAC units where install to serve the facility. These units required structural support framing and foundation design.