Fire Access Road

As part of the campus wide modernization plan, EAS team is currently designing the fire access road at the NE Corner of the campus in compliance with the requirements of the Los Angeles Fire Code. It involves design and plan preparation for the relocation of all underground utility lines, relocation of fire hydrant, design of retaining walls along the property boundaries and determining pad elevations of future central plant and its facilities. Due to limited underground drainage system within the campus, drainage flow of this area was designed to sheet flow towards the gutter that connects the proposed and existing improvement. In order to control the quantity of storm water surface runoff, EAS design included an approved standard for vehicular interlocking pavers in lieu of the regular concrete finish for longitudinal gutter.

Sheriff Station

The sheriff station is one of the new additions to the Los Angeles Mission College campus. The project’s site development / improvement area is approximately one (1) acre. The Sheriff Station is proposed to be constructed on a rolling terrain having maximum slope of 5%.


Darby Elementary School involves resurfacing of a raised playground with retaining walls around the perimeter. During our initial visit of the site, we noticed cracks and spalling on the retaining wall where the fence posts are located. Corrosion was present at the base of the posts due to the storm runoff that spilled onto the adjacent sidewalks. Corrosion expanded the base of the posts, resulting in spalled concrete. Along with a resurfacing plan to properly divert water onto new catch basins, Engineering Alignment Systems provided repair details for the concrete retaining wall. Damaged sections of the concrete wall were replaced and new posts were installed. A concrete cap was provided to raise the wall height and prevent water runoff onto the sidewalk.


The surface at the playground was in poor condition. Asphalt was severely damaged around tree boxes due to root penetration. The landscaping includes addition of turf areas, rubber mat play area and new trees. A concrete pad and sewer drainage was provided for the trash area to prevent storm drain contamination. Fencing and vinyl slats were used to enclose the trash area and thickened asphalt section along pathway for sanitation and delivery trucks.


Existing asphalt surface was severely cracked, had poor drainage, and slopes did not meet ADA requirements. Our design incorporated requirements to meet ADA compliance by providing grades within 5% and cross-slopes of less than 2% along designated path of travel. Parking layout was designed to meet the school needs for its expanding staff and to accommodate required spaces for Accessible parking stalls. Drainage was improved to prevent storm run-off accumulation at walkways between buildings and at low spots in the parking lot. Additional work was done to repair to concrete curbs and planters were damaged by tree roots. Thickened pavement sections and concrete slab were designed for access to trash area.


The Wilson High School stadium design provides access compliance, path of travel, parking and restroom upgrades. Along the path of travel the access compliance design installed a wheel chair lift (12 feet above grade) to provided access to a concrete landing and accessible walkway.