Sheriff Station

The sheriff station is approximately 6,000 square feet . The building is a bearing wall system with reinforced concrete mat footings. Framing of building is by means of cold-formed light gauge steel members in conjunction with plywood sheathing for the roof diaphragm topped with clay tile roofing. The vertical lateral force resisting system consists of light-framed shear walls sheathed with plywood or sheet metal.

The Sheriff Station is proposed to be constructed on a rolling terrain having maximum slope of 6%. In order to meet the ADA requirements, finish floor will be set to approximately 4 feet below existing ground. As a result, civil engineering design requires retaining walls in almost every other corner of site improvement and eventually lot of drainage issues have to be resolved. The project also requires relocation of existing subsurface drainage system to accommodate the proposed fire access road and exporting approximately 700 CY of dirt off the site. A new driveway and improvement to the existing driveway have been proposed to meet the standards