Parking Garage

EAS was issued a contract to provide a structural evaluation and retrofit for the a Civic Center Court House Parking Garage.The parking garage was constructed in 1976. It is three-stories and has a total of four levels of parking. The building is 35 feet in height and 330 feet by 305.5 feet in plan dimension. There is elevator access to each level along with four stair towers. The parking garage has one car ramp that spirals up and down through the interior of the garage.

The criterion for the structural evaluation is the 2006 IBC, 2007 CBC (3415.5), ASCE 41, ASCE 31 and the Los Angeles County Building Code. The criterion used for evaluation of existing buildings provides a minimum level of seismic performance.

A three dimensional finite element model of the building was prepared utilizing the ETABS computer software. The three dimensional analyses has the appropriate building mass and stiffness properties. Therefore, the analyses include torsion effects on the building. The model includes shell elements with both in and out-of-plane stiffness properties for walls and slabs. Beam elements are used for double tees, girders and columns. The floor openings are considered and the ramps are included in the model. The floor and roof slab is considered to be a stiff diaphragm. The model boundary support conditions provide a fixed base.